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Assembly Line Monitoring

Brannan Auto will typically require manufacturers to notify us in advance when they plan a manufacturing run of our customers’ products. Our Supply Quality Engineers will make surprise inspections to ensure products are manufactured according to customer requirements. Brannan Auto may have an SQE on sight during critical operations to monitor manufacturing and quality control processes.

When conducting an assembly line inspection Brannan Auto SQEs will check technical specifications such as PFMEA, process flow charts, operation instructions, hourly equipment inspection lists, production plan tables, PPM tables, etc. We will also monitor onsite management, workers and tooling inspections prior to production.

Brannan Auto SQEs pay special attention to ensure technical documentation on site matches products being manufactured. All issues encountered are reported to executive management at the manufacturer for timely resolution. Serious quality breaches result in an immediate halt of the assembly line until the issues are resolved. Our hands-on quality management provides the absolute greatest assurance quality parts will end up in the containers leaving China.