Brannan Auto Values  







Continuous Quality Improvement

Quality Improvement is not just a set of guidelines which manufacturers should follow to reduce the standard deviation of manufacturing defects. It is a frame of mind which factory management must adapt to pursue excellence in every aspect of the manufacturing process. Performance excellence is a culture foreign to manufacturers in China which our western personnel and western trained Chinese team conscientiously endeavor to transfer to our Chinese manufacturing partners.

Through daily communications and continued review we encourage manufacturers to understand that quality improvement means increased efficiency, reduced waste, lower PPM defects and increased customer satisfaction across the board. Our Supplier Quality Engineers are on the factory floor meeting with managers to try and change manufacturing culture.

At Brannan Auto we strive to seek out excellence in every aspect of our interaction with factory management to lead by example. We actively seek ways to improve manufacturer product quality. By regularly conducting internal process audits and surprise product inspections we keep our manufacturers on their toes encouraging them to resolve problems before production defects occur. When we do run into an issue we work closely with senior supplier management to make sure issues discovered during an audit and feedback from customers are recognized and resolved.

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