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Brannan Auto Manufacturing

Brannan Auto Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is licensed by the Chinese government to engage in manufacturing through subcontractors. Registration as a “factory-less manufacturer” is very restricted in China and reserved only for companies who bring substantial manufacturing experience and quality control expertise. We are able to avoid the intensive capital and ongoing payroll burdens that a brick and mortar factory facility demand and pass these savings on to our customers.

Brannan Auto a rung above other supply chain management companies because competitors are only able to purchase finished products from factories they engage; they are unable to manage the entire process on their own. Brannan Auto is able to hire suppliers to produce components built to design and then work with an experienced high quality assembler to put together the final product.

For our customers this means we are able to lower manufacturing costs by cutting out the profit margin the assembler would have normally made when purchasing the components. We are able to guarantee quality by maintaining a constant relationship with our sub-suppliers.

The biggest advantage to our customers is transparency. When we find a way to cut costs we first guarantee quality does not break down and we always get customer approval to switch suppliers before we make a change. These efforts combined result in a higher quality more consistent product for 10% to 30% below competitive pricing.

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