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Market Research

Brannan Auto offers market research to help our clients better understand the China automotive market. Unlike trading companies we do not try to hide our market knowledge and supplier contact information from our clients. Our value comes from our business and manufacturing experience, project management and quality management and western integrity. We are happy to share our knowledge with our clients.

We can assist foreign clients in evaluating business strategies for entry into the China market and can facilitate establishment of China operations for our partners. Unlike a typical consulting company, Brannan Auto actually is actively doing business in China’s automotive industry and can provide advice based on time tested experience. 

Typically we assist our clients in finding locations to establish China manufacturing operations while negotiating land and facility grants and tax holidays from the Chinese government. We are also able to introduce private equity funds to invest in manufacturing operations in China. We can also introduce clients to Chinese business leaders in the automotive industry and help them select Chinese business partners.

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