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Project Management

Project Management is Brannan Auto’s strongest core competency. Our procurement services are focused around managing customer manufacturing projects and improving quality with our manufacturing partners. Our unique ability to combine western management principles together with Chinese cost saving manufacturing strategies provides our customers with an invaluable competitive advantage.

When Brannan Auto undertakes a new manufacturing project we assign a Project Manager who will guide the project from Initiation through Planning, Execution to Closure. The Project Manager will work together with the customer to understand the scope, funding and time constraints for product development and specify project goals for success. Working together with the customer, the Project Manager will lay out a Project Plan which will answer What, Who, How and When:

  • What – Definition of the product
  • Who – Which suppliers, engineers, supplier quality engineers will engage
  • How – Allocation of resources and responsibility for different tasks
  • When – Timetable for successful completion

Planning is critical when manufacturing in China because it uncovers hidden issues which must be resolved during product development and manufacturing. Our Project Manager will outline potential pitfalls, make contingency plans and follow these issues closely to make sure the project stays on schedule and within budget.

Brannan Auto’s extensive market knowledge, massive supplier base, understanding of Chinese manufacturing culture and experience resolving manufacturing issues enable us to leverage resources in the most effective manner. We repeatedly provide successful solutions to manufacturing difficulties which lower manufacturing costs, improve product quality and provide Brannan Auto customers with the best possible service.

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