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Brannan Auto offers fully integrated customer focused solutions including market research, product design, engineering, product development, manufacturing project management, quality control, warehousing and logistics. We act as the China buying office for our clients representing their interests in a fully transparent fashion. Our clients always know where their products are being manufactured and are free to make direct contact with manufacturers at any time.

Brannan Auto works with high quality manufacturers which have been audited to a minimum ISO 9001:2008 and/or ISO/TS 16949:2009 standard. At present we have an extensive portfolio of over 400 factories which we deal with depending on the manufacturing project. Our Supply Quality Engineers supervise production and testing at these factories to ensure product quality. We consistently work with manufacturers to continually increase manufacturing quality in order to renew their accreditation as a Brannan Auto supplier.

Brannan Auto’s expertise manifests in our ability to match client cost and quality requirements while managing the manufacturing process to yield optimum results. Our local presence within hours from the factory floor ensures that our suppliers meet time and cost requirements. Our close supplier relationships allow us to discover new manufacturing opportunities which we pass on directly to our customers. 

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