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Brannan Auto Tooling

We work with injection, extrusion, stamping and forging tool manufacturers to produce different types of tools used in automotive component manufacturing. During the tooling process we work closely with the tooling shop to monitor the progression of the tooling process, push for tighter management control and faster tooling turn around. We monitor the accessory components installed into the tool to ensure that they interface properly. Brannan Auto acts as our customer’s eyes and ears during the tooling process to make sure moulds come out on time exceeding expectation.

Brannan Auto works with tooling shops all over China to produce fast, accurate, quality tooling at very competitive prices. Of course we choose tooling manufacturers based on their quality and their management, but we also choose based on their experience tooling moulds in different product segments. We have experience choosing the most appropriate tooling manufacture whether the tool is for mass production, prototype production, low volume production or aftermarket part production.

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