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Value Engineering

Brannan Auto industrial engineers work closely with our suppliers to help our clients lower prices by reducing manufacturing costs. In one instance we reduced the manufacturing cost for an electronics component from US$125 down to US$58 by re-engineering the product and replacing expensive USA components with less expensive high quality Chinese alternatives. Our close relationship with manufacturers and our ability to manage the development process and communicate engineering suggestions back to our clients result in significant manufacturing cost savings.

Sometimes just a slight change in the color of plastic can result in a significant reduction in piece price while actually improving quality without altering functionality of the product in any way. In one product we reduced tooling costs and piece price by altering border line for a two part injection mould plastic fabrication. The change was hidden behind the vehicle’s body panel so it made no difference to the original engineer, but the change allowed the manufacturer to improve the reliability of the manufacturing process and eliminate considerable waste likely with the original design.

At Brannan Auto we work closely with your interests in mind and are always on the look out to help our customers stay ahead of the competition by improving manufacturing processes and lowering product costs.

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